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New Shop

Greetings! I hope you have had a wonderful Yule/Christmas so far despite Covid restrictions. It’s a quiet one for us as always – just how I like it! will always be my baby and spiritual home – but over Yule I’ve been working on a new web shop which has a more general branding

Giant African Land Snail

Postal Delays

I must apologise on behalf of Royal Mail, who are having a particularly tough time at the moment with Covid-19 measures (and handling Covid tests) as well as an increased demand for their services which means packages have been arriving much later than usual. An alternative for small packages would be to use Hermes/Yodel –

Witchcraft Liberation Day #WeAreWitches

Witchcraft Liberation Day

22nd of June 2021 marks 70 years since the Witchcraft Act of 1735 was repealed, marking the end of ~500 years of persecution by the Crown & state in Britain (and longer by the church). Ever mind our fallen brothers & sisters in the craft and join us in celebrating our history. #WeAreWitches #pagan #Wicca

covid-19 protocols

Covid-19 Protocols for Orders

A summary of our Covid-19 protocols. We have been isolating/shielding since March. Anything that can’t be sterilised is left for two weeks before being used. Packages are collected from our drop box or dropped in the post box late at night.

Torturing and executing witches

Growing up as a pagan in the 20th century

Paganism in a socially conservative Christian-dominated society In the late 1990s when I first started identifying as a ‘pagan’, the Western world was a different place – in many ways it was still quite socially conservative (a hangover from the victorian era?), and paganism (or neopaganism) wasn’t exactly acknowledged as a real or serious religious